Friday, April 30, 2010

Orchard in Bloom Preview Event

Orchard in Bloom, the annual garden show hosted at the beautiful Holliday Park begins today. The special preview party was held last evening. Vendors opened their booths a day early and esteemed restaurants fed guests some of their finest morsels. Deliciousness was abound. Here is a peak of some of the edible delights.

Immediately upon entering, we were welcomed with a table of sparkling rosé, a great refreshment for a breezy evening.

Goose the Market displayed their Smoked Duck and Ramp Sausage on a Pork Triscuit with Pickled Radish on a slate platter. The sausage was great, but the "animal cracker" was a bit too crunchy.

H2O Sushi offered bite-sized salmon sashimi on rice crackers.

I thought this adorable, adult lemonade stand was too cute to pass up.

You could (metaphorically) hear the sounds of angel's song at the Taste of Philly table. Soft pretzels are, unarguably, food straight from heaven.

The chef from Great Cooks had an amazing spread of spreads, breads, and sweets. Here you could choose from four different types of freshly baked bread and spreads like olive tapenade, salmon mousse, egg salad, and paté. I appreciated the chef's enthusiasm; it was contagious.

Savorelle had a beautiful table as well. A fresh basil, tomato, and mozzarella appetizer was presented in a tiny martini glass, and the Asian slaw (in front) had it's own mini square dish.

Tulip Noir's table was almost bare when I stepped up to it. Their food is always a smash hit, and I'm not surprised one bit that they were out of samples. Their last taste was a broccoli and cauliflower fritter topped with crème fraiche and Gorgonzola cheese.

Full Plate Catering had an interesting twist at their table. They switched sweet and savory ingredients to make the taster think differently about how foods can be used. Dainty shortbread cookies were infused with herbs, tarragon and oregano. Usually sweet rhubarb was baked into a savory crouton. Both worked equally well.

Naked Tchopstix made my day when I saw the glorious, giant plate of edamame at the end of their table. They had three of their most popular stir-fried dishes to sample as well.

This unholy, blurry photo is of the gorgeous French pastries of Rene's Bakery. I apologize for not capturing the pure beauty of these mini masterpieces.

The cutest, tiny key lime pies and creamy, sun dried tomato pasta were gracing the Sweet and Savory table. Fruit, cheese, and crackers paired well with the complementary wine.

Recess had the most inventive sample: spicy Thai pork and crunchy shrimp cracker. The mix of textures was like "playtime" for the tongue.

The Orchard In Bloom event will continue until May 2nd. If you need any herbs for your kitchen window box or flowers for the garden, this is the place for you.

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